CISMAC keynote and symposium at GLOBVAC 2017

March 27, 2017
CISMAC keynote and symposium at GLOBVAC 2017

In this year’s GLOBVAC conference, CISMAC director Halvor Sommerfelt and Principal Investigator Victoria Nankabirwa delivered a keynote in the session named Working together to ensure healthy lives for all - multisectoral collaborations and partnerships. The 10th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research took place on the 14-15 of March, hosted by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

 Sommerfelt and Nankabirwa talked about CISMAC as a centre built upon a global network of institutions and organization brought together to undertake high-quality research. While Sommerfelt told the story of CISMAC came about and how close collaboration across partner institutions and continents is important, Nankabirwa presented the two CISMAC studies that takes place in Uganda.

Through presenting the CISMAC BCG-study and the CISMAC Chlorhexidine study, Nankabirwa emphasized collaboration with other CISMAC partners, monitoring and technical support provided from CISMAC management. She also described the importance of capacity strengthening and involvement of PhD-students in all stages of the studies. 

The CISMAC team based at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) organized a symposium called The eRegistries Initiative: Using electronic health registries to improve quality and continuity of care for women and children. In the symposium that was well visited by the conference participants, the CISMAC studies in Palestine and Bangladesh were presented. To read more, please take a look at the book of symposia or at the NIPH webpage about eRegistries.