New CISMAC study on child development

October 30, 2016
Children in Pakistan

The CISMAC team are happy to announce the inclusion of a new study on child development in rural Pakistan. The current study builds on a previous project which investigated the effectiveness, feasibility and cost of integrated early stimulation and nutrition interventions within the first 1000 days of a child’s life. The initial project showed beneficial effects both at age 2 and at age 4, however there is little research investigating the effect of early interventions later in life. The current study will re-enroll these children at age 7-8 to determine possible beneficial effects on learning, behavior and growth that have endured to school age.

Photo above by: Joseph Bautista
Creative Commons License 4.0

The Project Management Team: 

Muneera A RasheedAisha K Yousafzai

    Muneera A Rasheed (PI)             Aisha K Yousafzai (Co-PI)       

Read more about the project here.